Salesforce CRM Outlook Plugin

Easily Capture Contacts from Outlook

Eliminate Plugin Problems Forever

Stop Manually Updating Salesforce

Automatically fuel your CRM with a constant stream of data from Outlook emails. No hassles. No fuss. Avoid the pitfalls of Outlook plugins and eliminate breaks when Outlook is updated.

Komiko Salesforce email integration software collects new contacts, activities and attachments then automatically fuels Salesforce. Sales intelligence is populated within the correct Salesforce CRM contact, account and opportunity.

  • Stop spending hours manually updating Salesforce CRM.
  • Eliminate the hassle of Salesforce CRM Outlook plugins breaking or compatibility issues.
  • Automatically add new contacts, activities and attachments to the right account and opportunity.
  • Better understand your pipeline with the Komiko K-Score by quantifying customer engagement.

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  • “We love that all customer interactions (in and outbound) are automatically logged in Salesforce. It has given us new insights into which customers are engaged with us AND which customers are not! This allows us to bring more attention to those customers whose engagement is declining before we get bad news. It has changed the way we work across the organization by making it easy to see who is interacting with the customer and what activities are taking place! We no longer have to worry that emails will get logged in Salesforce -- it just happens! Finally, all these fabulous results are backed up by the tremendous team at Komiko. Support responsiveness could not be better! These guys make it all look and feel easy.”

    George Puckett, President and CEO
    Verity Solutions
  • “I really enjoy having Komiko added into my Salesforce & Gmail. The fact it is one less thing for my sales team to worry about, and I know that all data is present inside Salesforce is a great addition to my toolbox. The Komiko team is very responsive, and have even made modifications that are unique to my business. I know if I have a problem the team will get on it and assist me. I think Komiko is the best add-on to SF that we have purchased as a company. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

    Michael Bussio, VP Sales