Incorporate advanced signals for precision and context

Drive engagements with a powerful machine-at-your-service​.

komiko diagram

Relevant communications at the right cadence on the right channel

The most advanced stage of customer engagement transformation, utilizing your data sources to create experiences that feel more personal and are founded on trust and care.

ML based predictions for:

  • Accounts at risk
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Opportunity outcomes


  • Custom Object Support
  • Custom Data Feeds

Modeling and Mapping

  • Models for Low Touch
  • CSM/AM pooling
  • Turnaround Campaigns

Komiko platform diagram

Komiko’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Data

By keeping things simple to start, remaining agile as you get more data-driven, and engaging the right people at the right time, Komiko will help you see results quickly and painlessly.

  • Connect multiple data points
  • Gain control
  • Speed-up decision-making

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