Sales Pipeline Management

Forward-looking indicators to vet your sales pipeline and better manage risk.
Komiko gives unprecedented visibility into your opportunities.

Improve your forecast accuracy

Improve Your Forecast Accuracy

Based on actual interactions between your team and the customer, Komiko calculates an engagement metric, the K-Score. The K-Score helps you improve your forecast accuracy. As an opportunity nears closure, activity heats up, closed-loop discussions increase, more C-level emails and meetings take place and documents are exchanged more often. The Komiko K-Score takes these activities into account and provides a metric scoring.

Manage Opportunity Risk

As an opportunity moves toward a win risk increases. Your job is to manage the risk and any second thoughts the customer may be having. Are you aware of all the conversations and documents being shared with the customer? Komiko gives you a clear view of the entire customer conversation, including upcoming meetings others may have scheduled with the customer.

Manage Opportunity Risk
Who Saw What When

Who Saw What When

Remove the “email search scramble” when your prospect calls. Are they asking about the latest agreement draft? Komiko puts the latest draft at your fingertips in CRM. Now you’ll know what your customer is getting from other departments, and you can see how your customer is responding to your own sales, service, consulting, and finance teams – all inside CRM.

Know the Real Account, Customer and Partners' Teams

Your CRM is designed for team selling, but do you know others at your organization are a part of the real sales team? No need to worry about assigning them onto the sales team. If they’re meeting with or chatting with your customer, you see it in CRM automatically.

Know the real account, customer and partners' teams

What are you waiting for? Stop manually updating your CRM.

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