Komiko Email Integration Plugin: How it Works

Your CRM is only as good as the data it houses. You can't expect to power a sailboat with no breeze nor drive a car with no fuel. Komiko fuels your CRM with data so you can spend your time doing what you do best—close deals.

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  • check Seamlessly Capture Contacts from Outlook, Gmail & MacMail
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How Komiko Email Integration Works

Komiko captures business intelligence from emails, events and documents, and automatically populates your Salesforce or Dynamics CRM. Komiko continuously pulls data and organizes the information, pushing it into your CRM. It aligns data with the right contact, account and opportunity so you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Many CRM plugins are incompatible with iOS; however, Komiko works with any email platform — Outlook, Gmail & MacMail. Komiko works because it isn't a plugin. Komiko is email integration software. It attaches to the email server or service, eliminating the hassles of compatibility issues or reconnecting plugins when an email software update occurs. Komiko is hassle-free, takes minutes to setup and makes it easy to enrich your CRM with relevant, actionable information.

And, Komiko quantifies customer engagement with the Komiko K-Score. The K-Score is a calculation of customer engagement using a proprietary algorithm. Komiko notifies you of the last engagement inbound and outbound and offers an engagement score so you can better manage your customer relationships and enhance engagement to seal the deal. You can visually identify engaged opportunities and those that need attention so they continue to move through the sales pipeline. With Komiko, you can better predict which deals with close and when.

assignment_turned_inEliminate spending time manually updating Salesforce.
assignment_turned_inAutomatically add new contacts, activities and attachments to the right account and opportunity in Salesforce.
assignment_turned_inBetter understand your pipeline by quantifying customer engagement.
Komiko screens inside Salesforce
"It's like having X-ray vision into my team's accounts"
Summer Lindman Talkable
Summer Lindman
Head of Customer Success
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"We implemented Komiko and quickly saw how some customers were slipping through the cracks! In using this for a few months, Komiko is 95% accurate in predicting churn risk customers weeks ahead of time. Now, When I walk into the office, I know my team is already working to save these accounts."

Josh Henry M-Files
Josh Henry
Business Development
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"Probably our most important Salesforce tool. We used to rely on reps to log email activities in the CRM. That setup was unreliable, inefficient, and endlessly frustrating. Now, Komiko grabs everything we want and places it all on the lead record. The presence of all activities is lovely, but the actionable information derived from Komiko's data is just as impactful. You can organize your leads based off when and who interacted. We've been more than pleased."

Chad Horenfeldt Updater
Chad Horenfeldt
VP Client Success
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"When I first saw Komiko I instantly understood how it could help improve how we track engagement with our customers for our Customer Success team. We had used a few different gmail plugins in the past but they were very clunky, didn't track every interaction and slowed down Chrome. Komiko was simple to roll out and produced instant results. We see ALL correspondence in SFDC between our team and our customers which allows all CS teams and Sales to work more in unison. In addition, we can now understand which of our customers are NOT engaging with us and can act accordingly."

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