Instantly Fill Your New CRM with Rich, Accurate Data

Having trouble getting your CRM project started?
Komiko can fuel your Salesforce instance with accurate content in less than one hour.

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Invite Others

Invite others that have important information in their mailboxes. It is as easy as selecting their name and sending them an email invite. Invitees follow the sign up process and done! The alternative to individual signup is to have it all setup by system admin on behalf of all the relevant users.

View Possible Accounts

Based on the email exchange, Komiko will identify a list of possible accounts for your review.

Identify Accounts

Identify your accounts and Komiko will create only these accounts in Salesforce. This list will become the "white list" used to focus only on communications with these companies.

Sit Back and Relax

Now that you spent less than one hour of your time, you can sit back and let Komiko do the work for you. It can take a few hours or so depending upon the amount of data ingested.