Data Privacy @ Komiko

Black lists, White lists, Access control and beyond.

Data Privacy @ Komiko

Black lists, White lists, Access control and beyond.

Scope of Email Sync

Komiko is synchronizing a selected list of target mailboxes. Any mailbox that you don’t like Komiko to synchronize can be easily excluded. By default, Komiko is skipping any internal email exchanged inside the company.

White List

The account list in Salesforce is served as a white list. Komiko will not automatically add new accounts. Email and meeting info will only update Salesforce for existing accounts.

Black List

You can list certain email domains or specific email addresses that you’d like Komiko to skip from ingesting. It could be your payroll provider, or external legal team, board members, etc. It can also be used to address the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Access control

By default, Komiko will only show the content of an email, meeting or attachment to people that could view them in their mailbox. So only people that are the senders or one of the recipients can by default view the content.


For purposes of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we qualify as a processor. Our clients qualify as the controller.

“The right to be forgotten”

Komiko supports the GDPR requirement to allow people the “right to be forgotten”. For each given email address, Komiko can go back in history and delete any email that this email address was included. It’ll also add this email to the “black list”.

For more information see help articles: Engagement Data Privacy, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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