Surface all customer facing interactions and capture all contacts

Komiko analyzes all of your customer facing communications and extracts all the relevant data for auto data capture, and for a full customer view of all customer facing interactions in handy, organized portions embedded in CRM.​

network of people
Komiko platform diagram

Komiko’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Data

By keeping things simple to start, remaining agile as you get more data-driven, and engaging the right people at the right time, Komiko will help you see results quickly and painlessly.

  • Connect multiple data points
  • Gain control
  • Speed-up decision-making
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Complete Customer View

Get complete overview of all people that are engaged with your team. It can include also non-sales people, like service, consulting or accounting. Filter and full text search are available to all channels of communication from email to meetings, attachments and activity.

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Komiko contact capture

Enrich your contacts in context

Komiko automatically creates contacts and ties them to the right account.

Gauge how you're interacting with a client base:

  • Strength of connection with each account (k-score)
  • The relationship of contacts at accounts
  • The last time you reached out or they reached out to you, identify key contacts at existing accounts, etc.

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