Komiko for Account Executives

Use Komiko’s engagement score to bring more attention to customers whose engagement is declining before you get bad news.
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X-Ray Vision into your Accounts

Komiko is a powerful platform that is simple to roll out and produces instant results.

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Data-Driven Platform

With Komiko’s workspaces and CRM dashboards interactions are tracked and counted for so it only takes one look to realize which accounts are in good shape and which are not. It will change the way you work across the organization by making it easy to see who is interacting with the customer and what activities are taking place. Komiko's auto data capture surfaces all customer facing interactions and captures all contacts.

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Dynamic Playbooks

Komiko integrates your playbooks into your CRM and establishes triggers to prompt your team to specific actions the playbook calls for during their day-to-day operations. Komiko monitors accounts based on input from various data sources and outputs insights on your business outcomes. This ensures that the most valuable, targeted metrics are in place to anticipate your customer needs and your business goals.

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Komiko predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Incorporate advanced signals for precision and context. The most advanced stage of customer engagement transformation, utilizing your data sources to create experiences that feel more personal and are founded on trust and care.

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Komiko’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Data

By keeping things simple to start, remaining agile as you get more data-driven, and engaging the right people at the right time, Komiko will help you see results quickly and painfully.

  • Connect multiple data points
  • Gain control
  • Speed-up decision-making

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