We take our craft seriously.
From machine learning to design we make sure our customers will get an excellent software that saves them time and increases their sales.

Hal Howard
Customer Success Management and Account Management exist because people buy from people.
Komiko identifies and measures successful patterns of person-to-person engagements to drive more sales and improve retention.

Give us three days to improve your top line.”
Hal Howard
ROI is dead. Enter ROE.
By establishing engagement as key indicator of customers connections and business outcomes, you can rethink how you measure your accounts success.
ROE @ Komiko
Return on Engagement (ROE) can show you how well you're performing in terms of building and sustaining relationships with your accounts.
Komiko will give you the tools to improve your account equity and strength.


Building some of the leading CRM and ERP solutions at Microsoft and SAP showed us their significant impact on companies success. But we also saw their inherited limitation when it comes to productivity.

Here is why. Whether you are a sales or customer service professional or you work in operations, logistics and accounting, you do your work by using email, IM, SMS, phone and obviously talking to people in person. To organize the process, you are forced to spend extra time updating the corporate CRM or ERP or a local spreadsheet. It ends up becoming frustrating, time-consuming and tedious.

At Komiko, we focus on bridging the world of structured process driven by CRM and ERP, with the world of unstructured communication like email, phone and IM.

We solve one of the main sources of frustration and inefficiency for professional knowledge workers: not knowing what's happening and why.
We are located in the vibrant town of Redmond, WA. Our office is in a Redmond city landmark, the Bill Brown Saloon, built in 1913.

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