#1 AI-Based Customer Success Solution for Salesforce

Komiko recommends success playbooks, based on your data and then coaches and perfects your team's performance.

Retaining and Expanding Accounts is all about Relationships

Network of people
Know who is who

You’ll be able to know which people from your side and from the customer side are engaged, how senior they are, and what is the trend.

Be proactive

Apathy is the major threat to your account health. Komiko will coach each team member and assist them in taking action.

Find anything

Any email, meeting and document exchanged can easily be found. Whether it was sent by you or by any team member.

Accurate churn prediction

Komiko will accurately predict potential churn enough time before renewal. So you still have time to rescue.

Reduce Churn and Boost Expansion from Day 1

Reduce Churn and Boost Expansion from Day 1

Get Organized

Capture all emails, meetings, attachments and contacts into Salesforce and easily find everything about your accounts.

search the timeline

Analyzes past renewal and expansion opportunities along with your team engagement to recommend playbooks.

Komiko playbooks

Monitors team engagement and recommends actions like set up a meeting, expand the number of people engaged.


Recommends the right people to connect with, which email templates and attachments and even phone scripts.

email assistance
Team Stats

Get visibility into your team’s performance. How many accounts have they engaged with, number of open CTAs, etc.

Komiko team dashboard

Reduce churn


Increase expansion


Improve CSM to Account ratio by


Boost NPS score


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