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Integrate Emails from Apple Devices into Salesforce CRM

The use of Macs in business is growing. IBM has over 30,000 MacBooks deployed and once "anti-Mac" Cisco now has 20% of its users on a Mac. Even though use of a Mac is becoming more and more common, there is still no Salesforce CRM MacMail plugin that works.

Introducing Komiko—a Salesforce CRM email integration software. Compatible with any PC, tablet, smartphone, and Apple device—MacBook, iPhone or iPad. Komiko is hassle-free, working on any operating system on any device anywhere.

Komiko captures new contacts, activities and attachments and automatically populates your Salesforce CRM. Sales intelligence is populated within the correct contact, account and opportunity.

  • End the pain of updating Salesforce manually.
  • Stop looking for a Salesforce CRM Apple plugin that will never work.
  • Automatically add new contacts, activities and attachments to the right account and opportunity from any PC and Apple device.
  • Gain greater insights into your pipeline by quantifying customer engagement.


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  • “Folloze sales reps no longer have to log any emails as activities, as with Komiko it’s automatically in SFDC—both incoming and outgoing emails. This gives us a very accurate sense of activities with every account across the funnel stages. Add to that Komiko's connection strength scoring and maps and you have a very powerful forecasting support engine.”

    Etai Beck, Founder & CEO
  • “Komiko has provided us greater clarity with a 360 degree view into our accounts. It has increased the productivity of my Sales Team and eliminated the hassle of updating the CRM.”

    Michael Blondin, Director of Sales & Marketing