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Eliminates Hours of Manual Data Entry Each Week

Captures Business Intelligence from Outlook, Gmail and Apple Devices

Measures Customer Engagement throughout the Customer Lifecycle

How Komiko Helps Sales Managers

Stop Manually Updating Your CRM

Your sales reps spend hours manually inputting client data. A minimum of two hours a week is spent on updating your CRM by hand. These tasks are entered, updates keyed in. Plus, the information entered is less than robust, important information omitted and accuracy is less than you think. In the end, updating your CRM with inaccurate information is taking hours away from what your sales reps were hired to do—sell your product or service and generate revenue.

Komiko gives back this time to your sales reps. Komiko captures business intelligence from emails, events and documents, and automatically populates your Salesforce or Dynamics CRM. Komiko continuously pulls accurate data and organizes the information, pushing it into your CRM. It associates data with the right contact, account and opportunity.

Platform Agnostic and Zero Hassles

Many companies are BYOD (bring our own device) and the odds of your sales reps having an iPhone is very high. But CRM plugins don't work for iOS devices so any sales rep using an iPhone, iPad or Mac is out of luck.

Komiko works with any email platform: Outlook, Gmail & MacMail. Komiko works because it isn't a plugin. Komiko is an email integration software. It attaches to the email server or service, eliminating the hassles of compatibility issues or reconnecting plugins when an email software update occurs. Komiko is hassle-free, takes minutes to setup and makes it easy to enrich your CRM with relevant, actionable information.

Improve Your Sales Pipeline, Better Manage Risk

Komiko measures customer engagement with a proprietary algorithm and calculates the Komiko K-Score. Komiko notifies you of the last engagement inbound and outbound, and offers an engagement score so you can better manage your customer relationships and enhance engagement to seal the deal. With Komiko, you can better predict which deals will close and when.

Measure Customer Engagement with the K-Score

Easily Identify Customer Advocates|Influencers in Your Sales Pipeline

Not only does Komiko calculate engagement, Komiko also identifies who are the influencers on the customer's team and who is driving communications on your sales team. This way, you can easily identify who is the greatest advocate or influencer on the customer's team and better target your marketing efforts. Influencers can also be leveraged after the sale to provide case studies, testimonials, as guest speakers in future webinars to influence other prospects.

Measuring Engagement to Increase Customer Retention

A sale doesn't end with the contract signing. It continues for the life of the relationship. There can be other opportunities, upgrades, add-ons, renewals and more. And, keeping your finger on the pulse of customer engagement can help you identify these opportunities, be the first your customer comes to when they need a solution or the one they count on to deliver long after when it comes to renewals.

It costs less to maintain a current customer than to identify, attract and convert a new customer. Customer interactions and the frequency and timing of those interactions have a huge impact on measuring engagement. Komiko helps you measure ongoing engagement so you can profile your customers to create fully engaged, loyal and repeat customers.

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  • "Folloze sales reps no longer have to log any emails as activities, as with Komiko it's automatically in SFDC—both incoming and outgoing emails. This gives us a very accurate sense of activities with every account across the funnel stages. Add to that Komiko's connection strength scoring and maps and you have a very powerful forecasting support engine. "

    Etai Beck, Founder & CEO
  • "Komiko has provided us greater clarity with a 360 degree view into our accounts. It has increased the productivity of my Sales Team and eliminated the hassle of updating the CRM."

    Michael Blondin, Director of Sales & Marketing