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Client management includes the direct interaction between you and your customer—email exchanges, documents, meetings, texts and even social media. But how do you capture customer engagement?

Komiko captures customer interactions and calculates customer engagement to provide a 360 degree view into the customer relationship. Komiko captures interactions—email, documents, meetings—organizes it, and provides an engagement measurement called the Komiko K-Score. Combine the Komiko K-Score with the opportunity value and other attributes, and you have a way for salesand account managers to accelerate revenue.

Komiko enhances client management by providing:

  • Who on the client side is an influencer or advocate of the opportunity
  • Which of your team members is connected to and engaged with your customer
  • An audit trail of communications, interactions and a measurement of engagement
  • The K-Score, a calculation of all recorded interactions for a complete view into the customer relationship
  • A better way to prioritize accounts by measuring the level of customer engagement

Automatically capture customer interactions and fuel your CRM. Quantify customer engagement to provide the best customer experience possible. Ensure long term revenue and brand loyalty. Sign up for a free for 14-day trial and see how optimizing client management can accelerate revenue and increase retention.

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“An active and engaged customer is more willing to participate with the organization .... They are more willing to provide feedback when asked, make the best use of the products or services on offer, and make suggestions on how to improve them.” —Gartner

Komiko automatically measures customer engagement so you can optmize client management, accelerate sales and increase revenue. Sign up today to try Komiko free for 14-days.


  • “Folloze sales reps no longer have to log any emails as activities, as with Komiko it’s automatically in SFDC—both incoming and outgoing emails. This gives us a very accurate sense of activities with every account across the funnel stages. Add to that Komiko's connection strength scoring and maps and you have a very powerful forecasting support engine.”

    Etai Beck, Founder & CEO
  • “Komiko has provided us greater clarity with a 360 degree view into our accounts. It has increased the productivity of my Sales Team and eliminated the hassle of updating the CRM.”

    Michael Blondin, Director of Sales & Marketing