Leverage Customer Engagement
for Account Management

Komiko supports account management within your current CRM.
Leverage customer engagement to expand business with existing accounts,
and better manage cross-department and partner aligned sales efforts.

Focus where it pays

Maximum Account Transparency

Komiko brings together the total opportunity amount of all your accounts along with the strength of the customer engagement. Komiko quantifies engagement and provides an immediate 360 degree view of all accounts. You can focus your time where it matters most by better prioritizing accounts based on engagement level, value and other attributes. Komiko makes it easier to identify hidden opportunities with strongly connected accounts.

Better Manage Engagement for Better Account Management

Komiko maps customer communications throughout the customer journey for focused account management. Identify who on your team is connecting with the customer, which contacts are active influencers, and capture interactions while measuring engagement and communication trends. Relationships are easily recognized, along with topics, products and companies before, during and after the contract signing. Better leverage customer engagement to increase retention and mine new opportunities.

Don't be surprised
Dig into new accounts quickly

Get a Complete Customer View

Komiko captures emails, documents and events, and fuels your Salesforce or Dynamics CRM. Data is organized and measured using a proprietary algorithm to calculate an engagement score—called the K-Score. Komiko then delivers the most active contacts at the account and what communications have taken place. Easily mine information and better understand the relationship while actively managing customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

One-Stop Archive of All Customer Interactions

Gain access to all emails, meetings, phone calls and documents that have been exchanged with the account. Leverage the Komiko native search engine to locate anything you want or need. And no need to use costly CRM storage space for attachments, because Komiko stores it for you. Komiko even ensures confidentiality of sensitive information within the CRM.

All information in one place

What are you waiting for? Stop manually updating your CRM.

Get started today and see how Komiko can make your CRM smarter.